Delicious “coffee” at Nuit Blanche and marshmallows. What’s not to love? The coffee might be beer.

Hey Montreal,

How have you been?

I hear you complaining a lot about how cold it is. Like, you’ve been really complaining. An awful lot. It’s kind of getting me down. I mean, nobody likes it when it’s -20 and the windchill makes it feel like -30 or even -40.

Are you really sure you should be complaining so much?

I mean, sure it’s been cold for the past two months or so, but before that it really wasn’t so bad. Remember how warm it was in November? It was mostly in the positives, there was no snow. November 24 had a high of 18 degrees. You weren’t complaining then, were you? Or December? It got a little bit colder (with a few overnight lows of around -12) but we still had some pretty nice days. Heck, Christmas day it nearly 8 degrees. It was windy, but plus 8 on Christmas is nothing to complain about either.

Then the cold happened. Basically since the beginning January we’ve had lows of -20 before the windchill factor. It was pretty shitty. Looking at the forecast now though, it seems like the worst is behind us and the forecast is telling us that Spring is trying to push its way into our city. So what are you really complaining about? It’s March 10th today. So all that complaining has been about 2 months of harsh Winter.

I mean, it’s had its upsides, right?

Let’s talk about snowfall. This year we’ve had about 185.8 cm of snow. The average snowfall for Montreal is 210 cm. As far as I remember there were very few giant snowstorms either. In fact, the biggest snow storms we had this year brought in only about 20 cm of snow in a single day. Do you remember that time in December 2013 where you got nearly 90 cm in a single day? That sucked pretty bad. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…