20160119_104543As I previously mentioned on the first time around I had always intended on diving into the Discworld series and just somehow never really got around to it. This is a shortcoming that I am slowly trying to rectify.

Something that has always been a little tricky for me to get my head around is the order in which to read the Discworld novels. When selecting my second book, I decided to jump ahead to the next book in the series that featured Death as a main character. That meant jumping ahead from Mort (the fourth in the series) to Reaper Man (the eleventh).

It’s unclear exactly what the timing is between the two books, but with the exception of Death and his attendant, there are no other returning characters of import. So I guess if Pratchett intends on telling us more about what happens with Mort and Death’s daughter, it will come in another book.

I feel like Pratchett is always trying to get certain lessons or philosophies through to us through humour, and Reaper Man is no exception. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…