My wife described “Girls Gotta Eat” like “My Favorite Murderer” but about dating.

That’s not bad company for Rayna Greenberg and Ashley Hesseltine to be keeping (MFM does nearly 20 million downloads a month). The girls are bringing their dating expertise (ie: plenty of first hand experience) to Montreal and Toronto in the next few days for a live version of their podcast.

The live experience promises up-to-the-minute updates regarding their current dating situations (so fans of the show will have early insights) and, as the girls put it: “the best letters” are saved for the live shows. There is also audience participation, so if you desperately want Ashley and Rayna to be your personal relationship gurus you should make sure you’re at the show.

I was lucky enough to grab a quick phone interview with the girls today and now you are lucky enough to listen to it. It’s fun how that works.

Listen now and check out Girls Gotta Eat July 23rd at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto or July 24th at Place des Arts in Montreal. More info and tickets here.

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Image of Girls Gotta Eat from their official website.