Does Stan Rogers have that much of a place in my heart?  You’re goddamned right he does.  This one time, at vampire (ellipsis), I’m pretty sure I sang the whole thing to try to make fun of someone who told me that they were a pirate.  Context:  I was playing a Malkavian who was very much trapped in his own head, and after hearing that so and so was a pirate I just started singing.  We’re Sabbat so like, if the pack Malkavian decides it’s singing time then it’s singing time.  Barret’s Privateers is really really long when you sing all the choruses and people got really uncomfortable when everyone realized holy shit he’s really trying to do the whole thing.  It’s like… do we humor him?  How can we not do this?  Good times, more or less exactly why you play Malkavians.

Years later I stumbled on a documentary about the Franklin expedition and of course the good bits of the documentary have wind blown arctic nature shots with The Northwest Passage playing over it and decided to read up on ole Stan.  He died on the Air Canada flight that stopped smoking from being a thing on planes.  Pretty horrible end for what could have been a lifetime of good music.

Man what a fucking bummer.  See what happens when I don’t write the blogroll for one week?