FANTASIA – Montreal’s International Film Festival July 19th – Aug 9th

So the good people at Fantasia saw fit to grace our tiny enterprise with not one but two passes for this year’s festival.  Keith and I have attended many shows in the past, but never has our appetite for horror films been so catered to and so enabled.  Fantasia provided us with a DVD of 100 and something trailers for as many of the films as they could, and we spent an evening (with the gracious DDR) getting sauced and watching them.

So here’s how this works.  A lot of sites have done their “Fantasia picks” with careful attention to detail and delicious predictions.  I’m not going to do that.  As we watched the trailers I scribbled notes, and offered one of three ratings.  0 stars for semi interested, 1 star for pretty interested, 2 stars for dang that looks good.  Of the 120ish trailers we watched only fourty earned a star or better, so I will for you list them with times.  We’re probably going to see a great many fims in the next 3 weeks.

Please remember, there was an awful lot of beer, an awful lot of cheer, and being able to pay attention to each trailer as it whizzed by was difficult.  As a bonus, I’m transcribing my drunken commentary after each title.  Note how they make less and less sense as the page goes on.

(Since I was there too, I’m adding whatever comments I can remember through the haze of the beer as well, just for lulz. I don’t have comments for all these films though, I honestly don’t remember all of them – Keith) ↓ Read the rest of this entry…