All right! Time to watch some cartoons!

My son is turning three soon, and he likes to watch super-hero cartoons, but a lot of the new animation is pretty violent for him. He picks up on it easily, and then it’s nothing but punches and kicks for the rest of the day. As a response to this, I’ve taken to pulling up older cartoons from the 60’s and 70’s where the violence was more strenuously moderated,  so he and I can enjoy it without getting into a brawl at the end of every episode.

We have watched a bunch of Superfriends and Spider-Man ’67, where the bad guys get tied up rather than knocked out. But I like to keep an eye out for other stuff to watch, because we watch stuff over and over (and over) so adding something new into the mix will stop me from going bananas. That’s when I found the 1979 Spider-Woman cartoon.

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