Based on the trailer alone, I was totally sold on this film.

It fucking delivered. If you`ve read my reviews in the past, you know I am a sucker for old fashioned kung fu action, or just good old 80s cheese. This has both in spades.



I was sort of expecting this to be fun yet tedious, kind of a near home run. Not quite enough to want to watch it again. I was so wrong. I am for real sad I can`t go see this again.

Enough gushing, here is why you should see this movie;

I learned in the Q&A that the lead actors in this film are all in the spotlight for the first time. No joke, they are all successful stuntmen, who`s enthusiasm for their work spawned this fun ride. Side note here for a serious shout out to Can Aydin for the fight choreography. Some insanely fast paced and impressive combat scenes, none of them cheated with fancy editing. This was a physical orchestra with an inspired conductor. Well fucking done.

Favourite fight scene? The one featuring Heidi Moneymaker, of course 😉

This was a great action-/comedy for those who love fast paced yet light-hearted fun. A buddy film with  modernized 80s cool factor that will keep you cheering the whole way through!

I give this 4.5 out 5 Fangirl Stars.