sc302cvr-581x581So yeah, sometimes I will use this blog to talk about music that I like. Can’t stop me bro.

So I was listening to Songza (which we all know has basically replaced the radio for everyone with any sort of actual musical tastes) and a song (I honestly have no idea which one) came on from a band called Yeasayer. I had heard another song of theirs previously (“O.N.E.”) and this song sort of made me think of Simian (the band, not the duo Simian Mobile Disco that was formed by two members of the band after the band broke). Two good songs and a favorable comparison to one of my favorite bands meant it was time to check them out in earnest. They just released a live album a few months ago which had material from all their previous three albums, so I figured it was as good a jumping in point as any.

The album starts out with an airport style robot announcer repeating “Good Evening Washington D.C.” again and again and it honestly sounds like it’s about to be the start of a massive Ibiza club DJ album. Not 100% sure but it also sounds like the voice says “Let’s Make Some Love”. So I was a little weirded out. The first track “Finger Never Bleed” is also a little dancey. Somehow made me think a little about a psychedelic Adele. That might just be me though. I’d imagine that if I was at this show and I didn’t know what Yeasayer was about I would be might disappointed that they didn’t explode out with massive dance jams and instead a trippy little synth band appeared.

“Henrietta” was mellow and fun and then it was followed up with what at the time of writing was my favorite track “2080” which starts with a massive wall of sound and then jumps into a fun synthy 70s groove with laser sounds. Who doesn’t like lasers. Possibly because my girlfriend yelled “Run Runner!” recently at a girl running towards the metro I was immediately thinking of Logan’s Run. If a song can make me think of Logan’s Run it’s basically an automatic A plus. The vocals on the track are a little bit strange as the lead singer continues to be a vocal chameleon, this time sounding quite a bit like Mick Jagger. After listening to the album I found out the band has two singers, but that still doesn’t account for the massive differences of vocal characteristics between the songs. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

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