As an announcer for Montreal Roller Derby, I was fortunate enough to meet a huge number of awesome people. As Montreal Roller Derby is celebrating their 10th anniversary, I wanted to talk to some of my favorites about what derby was to them, and what it’s like to move on from it.

Lynn “Lyn-Dah Kicks” Poulin was a member of La Racaille, the Sexpos and the New Skids on the Block, won multiple Montreal City Championships and competed in the WFTDA championship tournaments with the Montreal All-Star team, the New Skids. She is the bomb.




Tell me a little bit about your Roller Derby Career. How did you start? What are your highlights?

To be honest, since I was a little girl growing up across from Detroit Rock city I used to watch roller derby on TV. When I read up in a magazine talking about a league in Montreal starting up, it occurred to me that this was my chance to finally just go out there and do it. So I did.

The magazine mentioned they were looking for some new blood, it was some kind of recruitment except it ain’t what it is today. I had nothing to lose. The group that showed up became the third Montreal team and it later became “La Racaille” as they needed a third team in order to play bouts at home games.

As for highlights, well I think we were kinda a rookie team that no one ever expected us to do as well as we did. To have won a Beast of the East trophy was probably my biggest highlight ever, as no one expected us to do pull through and we gave it our best.

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