Kate-Boy-One-Digital-PackRGBI’m pretty excited that after more or less a year of being subscribed to Google Play Music, the service is finally tuning into my musical tastes. I can now log in at any given time and it will helpfully suggest everything ranging from indie rock and electro, through classic jazz and back up to indie hip-hop. The service is also getting pretty good at letting me know about new releases from bands that apparently, at some point, I decided that I liked. Or maybe I liked bands that were similar to these artists? Man, I don’t know, the Google overlords now know a lot about my taste in music so I guess that’s just the way it is.

Last week it told me that Kate Boy had released their debut album “One” and a few weeks before that it told me that I should probably listen to the debut of Nicole Dollanganger “Natural Born Losers”. I don’t recall exactly the circumstances of these recommendations, but who am I to question tailored recommendations of new music?

I don’t know exactly how it happened, but over the past few years my love of synth heavy music has grown to an absurd degree. To the point where I’m willing to forgive a lot of pretty grievous crimes against music if there’s a good back beat and heaby synth line. I shouldn’t like Walk the Moon for a lot of reasons, but part of me can’t deny their throwback 80’s dance riffs. In fact, Walk the Moon fits nicely into a category I call “80’s Teen Movie Closing Credit Music”. You know, where the nerdy guy gets the courage to ask the outcast girl to dance and then there’s a crane shot of the unlikely romance dancing at the center of the high school gymnasium, roll credits?

Just me?

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