Alan Davies joins Inés Anaya and I to talk about why he doesn’t tour as much as he used to, not having been to Montreal since 1995 and how important British panel shows are to making comedians household names across the pond.

It’s crazy to think that this will be the first time Alan Davies takes to a Just for Laughs stage in nearly 3 decades but there it is. You owe it to yourself to check out Alan and a myriad of other talent visiting our lovely city.

Details on Alan’s Shows:

Back for another year at Just For Laughs MONTRÉAL, Brit(ish) boasts a lineup of some of the funniest comedians from across the pond. Hosted by Jen Brister, featuring Alan Davies, Gina Yashere, Josie Long, Jamali Maddix and Reuben Kaye.
Eddie Izzard Gala: Eddi Izzard takes the stage to host her own gala at Just For Laughs MONTRÉAL. Featuring yourself, Brandon Ash-Mohammed, BriTANick, Josie Long, Nimesh Patel, Ophira Eisenberg and Tom Ballard.

Show Dates and Times:
July 25-29, 2023| 7:00 PM
Le Studio TD

July 28, 2023| 9:45 PM
The Eddie Izzard Gala
PDA Maisonneuve
9:45 PM

For more info and tickets click here.

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