Where our heroes find planet in a crystal sphere where the inhabitants worship one of us. Ha ha! Spelljammer bay-bay!

I’m in black and Jon (the DM) is in blue.

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D&D In The Sky With Diamonds

We find ourselves flying through a kaleidoscope of twisting strips of colour, snaking between each other in a backdrop of perfect darkness. The Space Whale is still a bit of a wreck. Yes, we named our Spelljamming ship after The Bravest Warriors’ space ship. We’re cool like that.

Also kinda the Lunar Whale from Final Fantasy IV.  Nobody has ever had an original thought.

A T-rex has stomped across it, molten hot lava has ripped through part of the hull and there’s a bit of jungle that has kind of sprouted up through the boards of the deck. If you remember, there was a bit of a hullabaloo a few sessions ago that involved some kind of a teleportation beam that got us into this mess in the first place.

Jon takes some delight in explaining this is part of the magic of Spelljammer. As long as the helm is intact, you can Spelljam. Doesn’t really matter (that much) what kind of shape the ship is in. Or even what shape the ship is. A freaking butterfly ship called a Flitter is actually a standard ship.

This is actually part of the Spelljammer mythos that I really enjoy.  Let’s just make sure the rules don’t get in the way of making it fun.  You want space hippos.  You get space hippos. Giant spaceship looks like a butterfly.  Why not? Screw making sense. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…