Dig Two Graves is a great horror movie. A great indie movie, and a great look at how writing for scary movies should be done.


When it comes to horror movies, you probably know that I defer to Keith and Jon as experts of the genre. I’m a bit squeamish, and a bit more squeamish every year I get older.

I used to really enjoy a good slasher or monster movie, and one of the first films I ever saw without my parents taking me to the theatre was “Freddy’s Dead” in a night of pure grade 7 delight.

But nowadays, it’s harder for me to get terribly excited for a scary movie this side of Cabin in the Woods. I can’t quite stomach them anymore. I will make the occasional trespass into the scary movie section, finding gems like “Kiss of the Damned” or “Europa Report“. I loved Stranger Things, of course. But there was a… heightening, an extreme makeover of the school of horror that, for the most part, left me behind.
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