So last week Gogol Bordello played a show in Montreal. I wasn’t able to attend since I’m not currently employed and I’m trying to control my spending. It was also on a Tuesday. Also I have seen them twice before. Also there was a surprising amount of people on my Facebook wall talking about how they were going and how awesome the band was and the like. There were also people who I’ve been friends with for like ten years who were like “How have I never heard of Gogol Bordello before?”.

My reaction, which I of course didn’t share since that would involve a lot of effort, was “They’ve been around forever.” Then I got to thinking: How long have they been around? Their first album “Voi-La Intruder”  came out in 1999. I figure I picked it up at some point in either late 2000 or early 2001. Is it still any good? Yes, yes it is.

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