Note from Keith: As much as possible I linked all the bands Rolo is talking about to pages where you could actually listen to some of their tunes.

Hello readers, my name is Ronan, and I am a vagrant. Also, I only speak in autotune, actually that’s not true (anymore). I am actually an old friend of the guys behind this website and also an L.A. resident (well L.A. suburbs but we don’t need to get technical). I moved out here a few years ago to get my Masters in lighting design, and being here gives me an opportunity to see some pretty amazing stuff.

I also work as a freelance Editor and media designer here in L.A. What is media design you ask? Well check out my blog if you want, after all this article isn’t supposed to be about how awesome my name is, or why my job is cool. It’s supposed to be about cool bands, movies or stage shows I have seen (in this case at the FYF Fest), and why you should check them out if you can. Anyhow, FYF.

So this weekend I got a chance to go to FYF or Fuck Yeah Fest! FYF is this big hipster music festival in a park near downtown L.A. I went last year because a band I had gotten in to was playing, so I figured it was worth checking it out again. Last years FYF turned me on to a ton of cool bands, and it was a fantastic experience. I knew I had to go back this year, and when I saw the lineup this year I didn’t have much of a choice. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…