zombiefistFuck this. Fuck this! Fuck all of this! fuck this clandestine, mums the word, “stay quiet to stay safe” bullshit. 7 months of silence and what do I have to show for it? Absolutely nothing. I promised change and delivered nothing. Conroy is stronger than ever, New Bunker is even more rotten if that’s even possible. At best I have only burst open the festering pustules of the city and showered their formally somewhat contained disease into the streets. I have been so ineffectual that Conroy likely thinks I have either died or abandoned my mission.

Well guess what Vincent? I’m fucking still here. No matter what has happened or how good you probably feel right now, I’m still right fucking here. Right fucking here with a bullet of Truth ready to be shot right into your brains to make sure that absolutely no part of you can come back as a god-forsaken zombie, since I wouldn’t even trust you to be a mindless, shambling undead piece of shit. The world will be better off with what you’ve done exposed and laid bare, I can only hope that you’ll meet justice at the hands of one of your ass-licking brown nosed lackeys when even they see who you really are.

So reader, I will not hide from my mistakes. You deserve the Truth. Even if that means sharing my disappointing failures and catastrophic missteps. I owe it to you. I owe you accountability. 7 months I promised you I would pick apart the house of cards that Conroy has built for himself. 7 months ago I set my sights on the first man I was going to take down: Sid Pruitt.
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