fargo-season-2-cast-imageWhere are we at right now?

I was just talking with Scott about hitting creative blocks. Or motivational blocks. Or output blocks.

Or Lego blocks.

This blog seems to just be me complaining about motivation lately. That’s fine. Sometimes it’s just nice to do something and post it, without worrying about the audience.

With the ever looming goal of actually writing a novel, I think it’s not the worst idea to make sure I blog from time to time. If writing a book is playing a professional sport, blogging is hitting the exercise bike. It’s certainly not a full application of “writing” but it’s still good to stay in shape.

Anyways, here’s what I’ve been watching, listening to and thinking about. Think of this as stuff that I didn’t get around to talking about on 9ES.

What I’ve Been Watching:

We just finished up Season 2 of Fargo. Pretty hefty spoilers ahead for a 2 year old show.

I often take a step back and wonder whether or not I would enjoy Fargo as much if it wasn’t full of delightful mid-Western accents. Would the show be as charming and engaging if it was just set in upstate New York? Probably not. But I don’t waste my time thinking about that too much because it DOES take place in the mid-West. With all of Season 2 alternating between Minnesota and the Dakotas as we build towards the “Massacre in Sioux Falls” that was referenced a few times in the first season. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…