Ok, so no lie but we really do talk quite a bit about the massive battle that just occurred in EVE Online. Known then only as the B-R5RB battle it was a huge part of our day as all three of us scrambled to understand the game enough to understand exactly what had just happened in one of the most massive player driven events in video game history. We seriously spend about 30 minutes trying to dissect and analyze the whole thing and just what it might mean for video games down the road. Then we talk about the usual shit. We’d like to go on record as saying that none of us have really put much time into EVE and if you have we’d love your feedback about what went down and what we may have gotten wrong. Peace out homies, old school graphic again cuz Sophie’s not around.9ES53

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By the way this is what we’re talking about in that brief interlude where we’re talking about Richard Sherman going crazy after a game: video.