Beer: Best Bitter

Brewer:  Brasserie Mille Iles

English Bitter, 4.4%

Bought it because I just brought this microbrewery into the shop, and I am excited to try them! I like bitters and we don’t have a huge selection, so obviously I picked that one.



Okay looking colour, though a bit meh. It’s like a faded cloudy orange. I mean, it’s nice, I suppose, but this colour isn’t inspiring a sonnet, you know? It poured out nicely, without too much foam. Nice and creamy looking though, it has now dissipated into a thin blanket over top.

It has a very subtle scent. What I do smell is mildly sweet, malty. The label talks about slightly roasted aromas, with floral hops undertones. I dunno, I can’t smell all that, but then again I am slightly congested.

Ok ok! Tasting is a different story. Oh I like this, it’s very smooth. The bitterness hit me first, but the malts really balance it out. The aftertaste is just as subtle as the scent is, just a touch of lingering hops. Very nice.

Seriously super smooth.

I like it! I wish I had a cheeseburger to go with this hahaha

It’s at a low 4.4%, so not too much guilt enjoying a couple of these some summer afternoon. I mean, I could go through that in a few minutes easy if I wasn’t paying too much attention.

HAH! My boyfriend agrees. 4 thumbs up over here!


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