So this is our first “back to normal” session after the multi-session epic that was our journey into the Barrier Peaks and what was basically a summer hiatus. 

Do you know what that means?

It means we ran out of time and had an incomplete adventure. So sad. Remember that in the framework of the game we have a real world clock that we’re kind of racing against in order to have a fully successful adventure.

I’m in black and Jon is in blue.

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Return of the Ice King

Ahem. I mean “Glacius Rex”.


The Ne’er-do-well Cads find themselves in the city of Luskin, which is a pirate trade city or something. I just know that my character, a pirate by trade, is having the time of his life. Yo-ho’s and puffy shirts all around please and thank you.

Glacius Rex, who hasn’t made a true appearance since the ordeal with the Warlock, arrives with his as Jon puts it  “slightly derpy” white dragon and wreaks havoc on the town.

It might be because I had been watching a lot of Adventure Time, but I just naturally kind of slipped into a mode of making fun of Glacius Rex. With quips like “More like Glacius Sex” and “When we’re done here, you won’t be having an ice day!” I think it really downplayed the whole part where there was a white dragon just wrecking a bunch of ships in the harbour. And freezing people to death.

Remember when we were setting this game up for the first time?  One of my goals was to get into humor in D&D a little more, and you turning on the Finn banter with Glacius Rex is more or less exactly perfect.  Any game that has a dumb ancient white dragon and an Ice King knockoff is going to be less than serious and that’s fine by me.

Glacius calls us “naughty pirates” and we have a good laugh. He then promises to return in 3 days and wants the City of Luskin to shower him with praise and riches.

In the midst of hilarious banter with our nemesis, Jaxxo the Lizard-Monk catches sight of a familiar foe and tails him. When he returns to the crew, he is shaken by what he has seen. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…