D&D Dice

Every couple years it seems like Dungeons & Dragons makes another push further into the mainstream. Initially the only mainstream attention that it got was negative. With horror stories of demon worshipping kids getting lost in sewers and other nonsense only tangentially linked to the game itself.

For most of my memory, tabletop roleplaying has been associated with a negative stigma. Throughout high-school and college it was a pastime that, while popular, was almost exclusively relegated to nerdy niche. However, we are recently enjoying an increased visibility of all things “geek” in mainstream media. A lot of which translates directly into the increased popularity of D&D. The most popular show on TV (Game of Thrones) is a fantasy setting. The heroes of another hugely popular show (Stranger Things) love to play D&D.

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Don’t take my word for it, even The New Yorker is extolling the virtues and resurgence of the game.

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