“I’m not wearing pants right now”

There are a couple of creative types who have free passes for me. You know those talented people who make enough stuff that you really like that you’ll check out their work no matter how good or bad that stuff is reviewed. I saw “Cop Out” because of Kevin Smith. I listened to “Lulu” because of Lou Reed. I sat through all of “Lords of Salem” because of Rob Zombie (and talked at length about how garbage it was). These creators have appealed to me enough in their careers that they’ve got a free pass. They can even put out something that’s shitty and misses the mark and they’ll still have my loyalty. I’m not a blind consumer whore though; if they make a habit of it that pass will be revoked (looking at you Mr. M. Night Shyamalan).

This weekend I watched both American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook. Both written and directed by Mr. David O. Russel. Now, despite having seen many of his previous films, I had never really made the link that it was one guy who was at the helm of a list of consistently great movies until a few days ago. I also can’t seem to figure out why he only seems to be getting “holy shit this guy is good at everything” recognition now. Like ‘Hustle and ‘Playbook being good back to back has suddenly thrown Russel’s cred through the roof when they’re really just two films in a long line of what in my opinion are almost all home runs. Side note: “Hustle and Playbook” is a throwback 80s style buddy cop show where a reformed criminal (Hustle) is given a badge instead of jail time and partnered with a guy who gets straight As on all the cop tests but has no experience in the field (Playbook). Coming soon on FOX. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…