If you’ve know me for a while, you’re aware of my past in martial arts. When I was around 9 I think, my brother and I did karate nearly every day, even went to Karate Camp in the summertime. I didn’t take it super seriously at the time, it was just fun, and it came naturally to the both of us. We were talented enough that our Sensei at the time used the two of us to demonstrate control to the adult classes, by having us spin kick a cigarette out of his mouth without touching him. If we weren’t practicing martial arts, we watched cheesy 80s martial arts movies. They were the best.

 One weekend, we rented a movie called Tiger Claws, and I discovered Cynthia Rothrock. I’d seen her in some of pictures before (Black Belt Magazines were all over the house) so I recognized her as a legitimate champion competitor. Seeing her perform on film however blew my fragile little mind. The movie was typical of it’s time, cheesy dialogue (which we learned by heart, naturally) and corny characters, with a plot focused around getting these actions stars to fight. The techniques displayed in every fight scene was impressive, even if shot a bit clumsily, Cynthia was fantastic.

Granted, this movie is a poor example of Cynthia as an action star if we compare it to the Hong Kong films she also starred in. Have a look at this video, it’s a montage of some of her most impressive fight scenes across several films. If you appreciate this sort of thing even in the slightest way, you’ll see why she’s been referred to as the Queen of Martial Arts for this long. Oh and bonus fact: She was the inspiration for Mortal Kombat’s Sonia Blade. So yeah, little Sophie was definitely a fan.

I heard she was invited to Fantasia International Film Festival this year, and I was granted the opportunity to meet and interview one of my childhood heroes. I panicked for a few days leading up, but through some miracle managed to keep my shit mostly together once I met her. I was a bit shy, but I think (hope) it went ok haha! Cynthia was so lovely to meet. She seemed genuinely happy to be here and chatting openly, I am so grateful for the experience. So here it is, an interview with Cynthia Rothrock, from a total fangirl.

Sophie: I was looking at the more recent things you’ve been up to this week, and saw you just launched a Youtube channel. And you’ve been posting some sort of wildlife adventures or something? ↓ Read the rest of this entry…