Gin Fizz Cocktail

DtoT Ep 4: Gin Fizz

What is Drink to Think About?

Welcome to Drink to Think, the show about alcohol, cocktails and how a drink might be able to make us better people. The basic format of the podcast will revolve around one cocktail per episode. We will go into the history of the cocktail or liquors involved, followed by a story of how some form of meaning can be given to the cocktail and finish with a tasting.

An Interactive Podcast?

You are encouraged to make the cocktail with us and if possible have a tasting with some friends just as we do on the show.

A bit of thinking with your drinking

Many of the story portions of this show will be excerpts from the manga Bartender written by Araki Joh and illustrated by Kenji Nagatomo. The overarching theme of the podcast is on alcohol and its trappings but the underlying theme is about human hardship and creativity. Hardship because when you need a drink it is often due to you having had a rough day and creativity because it is very impressive that humans can apply a great deal of meaning to anything in their lives. For example, this show will explain how a simple story can make a world of difference around something as simple as a glass of liquor.

Hope you enjoy and here’s to you my friends.

Today’s Cocktail:

The Gin Fizz There are many versions of this cocktail. ranging from a breeze to make to an actual workout for your arms. The standard gin fizz is a mix of lemon, gin, sugar and soda water. While the Ramos gin fizz is a more extravagant concoction (recipe below). We taste both these and a golden fizz to understand why the fizz is one of the most popular ways to serve gin. Joining me will be the lovely Emily, a gin lover and all around great person.  Before we get to the tasting there will be talk about gin, its historical importance, variations in the spirit, the diversity of the gin fizz and, as promised, some tips on how to judge a cocktail!   It’s gonna be fun!

Classic Gin Fizz:

Gin: 45 ml

Lemon: half

Sugar syrup: 10 ml  (heat 1 cup of sugar with 1 cup of water until sugar is dissolved)

Put in a glass with ice and mix

soda water: 80 ml Garnish with lemon slice

Ramos Gin Fizz:

Gin: 45 ml

Lemon and lime: half each

Sugar syrup: 30 ml

Cream: 60 ml

Egg white: 1

Orange flower water: 3 dashes

Vanilla extract: 2 dashes

put all ingredient in a shaker with no ice for 4-6 minutes, then add ice and shake for another 2-6 (this is close to the original recipe, modern recipes ask you to shake for about a minute each (dry and then ice). pour into a glass and add the soda water soda water: 25 ml garnish with orange slice


The intro and outro music of this podcast is “Nuclear Winter” by the by Keep Them Alive featuring Jeffery Malecki.  Used under a Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution License.t