The Nasty Show at Just for Laughs is always one of the shows where comedy gets the rock star treatment. The show is at MTELUS, there’s a live band to hype of the crowd, and the performers are all ready to just tear it up. But this year, there’s something a little different. This is “Nasty” evolved. This is Nasty Show 2.0, proving crass comedy can still be in your face and offensive and intelligent and thought provoking at the same time.

The 2019 Nasty Show ensemble seamlessly weaves between making light of the mentally handicapped, sexual assault and more while somehow also being pro-choice and supporting gender and race equality.

Before hitting the stage I as able to have quick chats with Bonnie McFarlane, Andrew Schulz and Bobby Lee and we got to talk a little about being true to yourself in your comedy and finding your audience.

Enjoy the episode!

The Nasty Show, featuring Big Jay Oakerson, Andrew Schulz, Jessimae Peluso, Comedian CP and Bonnie McFarlene, hosted by Bobby Lee, runs July 17th to 27th at MTELUS. More info and tickets here.