Here we are again, in the middle of a Tuesday and I’m to figure out exactly what to write.

It’s not even a question of not having a subject to write about, it’s really about not having enough to properly devote to said subjects. You may have noticed over on the Fringe page that I’m a little busy with podcasts and the like over there, so not a lot of blogging time left over in my day.

So, to prove to you that I am not just suffering blogger’s block, here are the ideas for articles that I have kicking around. This will serve as a preview for things to come in the next few months.

hqdefaultTop 5 Fake Songs from Fake Bands in TV Shows

I don’t even know if I’ll be able to get to 5, but I guess I should try.

The idea here is that a lot of times in a movie or a tv show, there will be a character who is a musician. Every now and then (though not as often as you might expect), the producers of the show actually see fit to have this fake musician actually play a song in the show.

It’s almost always terrible. Factor in the fact that most actors are not in fact, musicians and it can get even more comical as they pretend to play instruments and lip-sync to someone else singing.

In order to qualify for this list, the guideline that I set for myself was that the movie or tv show cannot expressly be about the band. So for instance, Josie and the Pussycats or that terrible Jem movie would not be applicable.

What would be applicable, and may or may not be on the last would be the song that Charlie’s band got famous for in LOST. “You All, Everybody”. By Drive Shaft.

Board Game Review of Jaipur

Have you played Jaipur? It’s one of my favorite two player games. You would think that since it’s only a two player game I would have had the time to play it with Sarah and take some photos and write out a full article by now.

You would be wrong.

“Game Review Jaipur” has been sitting at the top of my little list of article ideas for a while, it seems like it will be such an easy one to phone in.

Basically, you play to rival merchants in the city of Jaipur trying to make lucrative trades and manipulate the local market to become the Royal Merchant for the Maharajah. It’s cool. One day I will tell you about in earnest. Not today. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

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