Beer: Bison Méchanique

Brewer: Saint Bock

Season with Bison Grass, 5,5%

Bought it because it honestly is just so strange sounding. And it seems to sell very well at the shop, so why not give it a chance?


Right so, it`s a very clear bear. A peachy kind of yellow, slightly clouded but hardly at all. the foam pours out all fuffy and creamy, and dissipates leaving a thin film of foam.

Oooh. It smells different. I expected, due to the colour, a bitter, hoppy smell. But no, it smells almost sweet. I was gonna say almost like pumpkin but no, it`s anise. It smells very nice. I have no idea what to expect.

Oh wow, this is very refreshing. It is a bit bitter, I suspect from the bison grass haha or maybe hops, I can`t always tell. But it`s balanced off fairly well. this is interesting. It`s a bit floral, that taste I can never identify properly but can always discern. Not usually my kind of thing.

This is not bad. Definitely not the type of beer I normally go for, but it`s pleasant enough. I think I would be done after one though, the grassy/hoppy taste is getting to me the more I drink it. If you like a bit of that though, I mean, it`s nice and light.

Fairly average strength at 5,5%. Smooth drinking with a slight twist. Recommend if you like Session IPAs but are getting bored of them.


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