I’ve been soaking in the news for the last few weeks.

Tuesday this week, I spent at least four or five hours tossing and turning in bed, my mind flailing against politics half way around the world that I only understand 1/10th of (if that) and that affects me in my day to day life not a jot.

Calvin prayed to his television so:  “Oh, great altar of passive entertainment… Bestow upon me thy discordant images at such speed as to render linear thought impossible!” (I got 75% of it without Binging it I swear).  Good prayer.  But he couldn’t imagine just how much the content cannon of Reddit could make TV seem tedious and stale.

Jimmy said:  “Please please please play the whole damn song / A 2 minute song is just one minute and 59 seconds / Too goddamn long” and he’s not fucking wrong.  These days if the page takes longer than a half second to load I am the fuck outta there.

This must be all tied together but I don’t have the attention span left to sort it out.