Beer: L’égaré, monstre du Lac-St-Jean

Brewer: La Chouape

Belgian Tripel, 9.5%

Bought it because I have not tried any of this brewery’s beer yet, and the fact that it is named after a legendary Québec region lake monster, well I kinda had to. Plus I think I liked belgians, a while back. Let’s see if I still do.



I’m starting to run out of original ways to describe off-yellow colours. Ok so, this one is a cloudy beer. Imagine if a banana and an orange had a baby, shine some light through it, and there you have it. It had only a little foam when I poured it out, and it dissipated almost entirely. It was very airy though, not a creamy foam. To be honest, I expected this beer to be as brown as it’s label. I’m trying not to be disappointed.

It smells very nice. Like a sweet and sour mix. Kind of like fermented fruit! The label talks about fresh bread and ripe fruit. I don’t smell bread.

Ok now this, this, tastes like a beer. Out of all the craft beers I have tried in the last year, this is the one that tastes the closest to regular store beer. But like, not crap. This is good. The label says it has “a deceptively light body”, but I dunno. It tastes heavy to me. It tastes solid. I don’t know how else to say it hahaha! Maybe I don’t really get what “light body” means. The aftertaste though is very light. Maybe that’s what they mean? The strong flavours don’t linger harshly or come back to bite you, it’s more like a soft hug after a punch on the shoulder that was slightly harder than expected.

This is tasty and fun, I like it. It is strong though, 9.5% ain’t nothing to scoff at. Perfect for finishing off a rough day with a good old “fuck it” though.

I recommend this if you like regular store beers, and are looking to try slightly fancier brews.


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