When I saw I had a chance to speak with Liz Danforth through MetaArcade`s invitation to check out their new game, Tunnels & Trolls, I jumped at the chance. And then, you know, panic.

Liz Danforth is primarily known as an illustrator, due to much of her works being published in the Tunnels & Trolls gaming books, and is also a game developer and editor.

What the hell do I ask her that hasn`t already been asked a million times? Do I also treat this as a chance to speak with her casually? Do I share things about myself as an artist? Should I stay on point and ask about nothing but the game launch? Will I be shamed and dismissed as a fraud of an artist/blogger/woman/everything?!

During my chat with the MetaArcade media contact, David, I was able to focus on things other than my ridiculous fears and calm myself a little bit. And I mean a very little bit. As I sat with the tablet I was handed to play test the game, listening to the quaint music and sound effect of the story, I was able to breathe for a few minutes. But as soon as he tapped me on the shoulder and I removed the large headphones and heard him say “Liz is free for you now” my brain went ‘poof’. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

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