Where our heroes (the authors, who are the real heroes) try to remember the earlier sessions of the Big Fish campaign that we didn’t actually think to write about.

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Not going to lie, it’s about 1:00 am in the morning and I’ve been drinking. We skipped our session because Jon was sick and I thought it would be fun to try and fill out the gaps of the first couple of sessions that we didn’t document here in the blog.

I’m really hoping that Jon can fill in some of the blanks here, a lot of this is really hazy.

So, the first session was a “group session”, where instead of the usual “This is my story” framing of the game you (Jon) run a session of the over-arching meta plot. What can you tell us about the meta-plot Jono?

Well, the meta plot hasn’t yet really made itself clear and we’re on session 8?  The old game was supposed to be beer and pretzels kill it and take its treasure fun, and instead became battle scarred veterans saving the cosmos from the mad egos of dead Gods.  We’re doing something different here.

The meta-plot is not going to be the focus of the game.  The focus is going to be on the shenanigans that you guys come up with during the storytelling part.  That said next session will have a little more meta-plot in it, so it isn’t totally forgotten.

So this was the very first adventure of our merry crew together. We were hired as independent mercenaries by Princess Bubblegum to escort a caravan through the land of whatever land we’re in. I refer often to our patron as Princess Bubblegum and our main villain as Ice King. How important is Adventure Time as an influence? ↓ Read the rest of this entry…