Beer: Rigor Mortis

Brewer: Dieu du Ciel

Extra Strong Abbey-Style Brown Ale, 10.5%

The reason I bought this was a bit different than the usual blurb I put here… Something like 2 or 3 years ago I went to a craft beer shop near a friend’s house, the name escapes me now. I knew nothing about beers back then (still don’t really) so I asked the staff dude to help me pick one out. I said I liked strong, kinda sweet, and I remembered liking browns. He pointed me to this, and thus it became the Best Beer I`d Ever Tasted.

Now that I make a living recommending craft beers to clients who walk in to the shop I work at, I`ve been looking forward to trying it again, to see if it holds up to my quickly expanding taste. And now, finally, it is in season.



Ok so… I’m actually nervous and really hope I still like this beer hahaha! I’ll just proceed as if this was a regular review. Which, I mean, it is.

Right. So it is of a rich and dark amber colour, fairly cloudy. There was very little foam when I poured it out, but it looks rich and creamy. It`s faded to a thick beige pillow sitting atop this treasure.

It smells very nice. Sweet isn’t the first thing I’d say to describe the scent though, maybe more bitter? I remember the guy at the store said it had notes of cranberries or something. Ah ok, the label says “spicy red fruit and notes of caramel”.

And the moment of truth…

Ok yes. I still love this beer.

There is a spiced bitterness to it I find I really appreciate, blended with the malty, caramel flavours. It is rich as all hell. Like, I wanna have some strong cheddar of sorts to bring out it’s flavours or something. And to feel fancier. The first sip is bold and intense, but it really smoothes out after a few more. It’s definitely got some sweetness there, so I don’t know how many of these in a row I could handle. (EDIT: 3. Turns out I can have 3 in a row)

Not to mention it’s a smashing 10.5% alcohol content. That’s definitely up there, drink responsibly and all that. And it’s crazy low price for what it is, if you ask me.

I recommend this if you`re looking for a rich and bold flavour, with a complex blend you can enjoy deciphering as you sip.


All beers featured in this review are purchased at L`Épicerie Moderne, situated at 5854 Sherbrooke West, Montreal (NDG!)