First to clear things up this is absolutely not a quiz. This is about childhood influencing the type of person you ultimately grow up to be. Specifically this is about two Disney movies with very different heroes.

Let’s set the stage shall we? And how about we lay off 9 or 10 year old me for having very linear gender stereotypes set up in my mind.

I was an early 80s kid. Born in ’83 I was hitting my “age where I remember movies” coming into the early 90s. Like a lot of families, seeing the latest big Disney animated film was almost automatic; if not in theaters then definitely when it came out on video. They were safe bets for family fun. I have fleeting memories of seeing both The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast in theaters. However, by the time 1992 rolled around I was at least slightly convinced that Disney movies were pretty much “for girls”. At this point the really big Disney flicks featured memorable female protagonists and generic cookie-cutter “Princes” (with a little less traditional “Prince” in the form of Peter Pan being the main exception).  So yeah, I would watch these movies, but none of the male characters resonated with my little expanding brain.alladin vs simba

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