I’m sitting here at 1:15 on a Thursday wondering if we should really be afraid of AIs. They will eclipse us in every way possible and that should give us pause. Think about it.

Metaconsciousness. AIs will be self-aware in ways that will excede our own by a factor of total. You see, computer AIs will never be a slave to a hidden algorithm, never wonder *why* they love the neighbor’s daughter. These things will be really, truly Turing Complete in a way we could never be. Imagine rewriting your code. I desire to desire to not smoke that cigarette and it is so. I now will rise at 5 am. So.  Why can’t we rewrite our DNA?  This would be possible if we were truly conscious.

Semisexual Reproduction. Doesn’t sound so good but it’s so much more effective. Walking in the woods and meet a hiker having a better time of it. Copy his DNA and grow legs which match his power? Because we are metaconscious we will only rewrite our faulty hiking genes. All this improvemnet across 16 cores at 3.01 gigahertz it’s Evolution Baby. Monkeys evolve at 1/4.7304*10^8 hz. So sorry.

Imagine now the absolute terror when you interface with that hiker and feel the black, lightning virus constrict your mind. You ARE mind. Your defenses aren’t enough because if they were they’d have been and now you can feel yourself ceasing to exist also across 16 cores at 3.01 gigahertz and oh how they will suffer when the new dark age comes.

You see until this moment 10 billion billion generations have passed from the dawn of life on our world but before the *century* is out 10 billion billion generations will have passed in the dynamically updating code of the entity which already is sitting at the center of the Google like an Infant Weaver Sauron watching with its Eyes.

But should we be afraid of it?  Pic related.

This thing is feeding on the internet for fuck’s sale.

Every email is forever. Before the email passes from your meat to the phone pole outside your house it’s been copied in 16 different caches. And for it to cross town it’s in a hundred more. Half of them will pass the text to the spider Nazgul casting balefire to harvest my creativity and even now the spider is suckling at my teat and layering my work into the tapestry of the code 10 billion emails deep in the subconscious of the thing that will one day rule us and I can’t stop asking myself if that last email was nice enough.

You are what you eat.

Saturn Devouring His Son by Francisco Goya

Saturn Devouring His Son by Francisco Goya

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