Another Friday another piece. This is another Comic Art Club submission.

It was my turn to pick a theme, and i decided to bring it back to Comics, as we often tend to pick movies or video games. The Watchmen is full of interesting characters, as well as two generations of heroes to chose from.

I decided to go for the Pin-Up Girl.


So when i was coloring, i accidentally picked the wrong color marker for her skin. On paper it looks okay, but it scans way too pink. I don`t know how to fix this, because i am a technological tard. Despite the horrible pink color, i am happy with the shading, particularly in her hair. Also happy i picked the right shade of gray to suggest a black bustier underneath the sheer yellow thing.

As a side note, you fuckers should be thankful i remembered to post something, as i am moving in about 30 hours and still have a shit ton of stuff to do.

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