So, I really enjoy poring over the stats from the website over at Google Analytics. Obviously it’s a new website so every day is a constant battle to generate and maintain hits. We’ve nearly broken 1000 unique vistors and only really “switched on” the website 2 weeks ago. We’re not a company, we’re 4 friends. So this is pretty encouraging for us as we try to turn goofing off and having fun into something productive.

Anyhow, I particularly like to notice strange little singularities in the stats, small parts of the world where there seems to be a single person enjoying what we do. One such person appears to be in Nijmagen, in the Netherlands or Pays Bas as they say in French. He (or she) I guess has only visited us a handful of times, but she (or he) seems to keep coming back and always sticks around for a few minutes. Which is cool.

In honour of this mystery person from the Netherlands digging our site I have drawn a picture of what it might be like if I visited the Nijmegen railway bridge entirely in MS Paint. Enjoy.

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