Wow, that is a mouthful of a title. First off, I just want to point out that Jack Layton’s death trended worldwide yesterday. I thought that was nice. Considering that the London Riots couldn’t hold a top spot in Google Trends while they were happening says a lot about people’s browsing habits. It’s good to see people actually taking notice to a pretty a major death even though it didn’t directly impact their own country. Good on you world. Good on you.

Of course, there was an earthquake today.  You can tell because 5 out of the top 10 Google searches in America are earthquake related. I recommend clicking that link to see photos of the devastation. Just kidding, it’s just a series of photos that largely centers around people standing around looking slightly concerned that they’ve been forced to leave their offices in the middle of the day and maybe they didn’t lock their workstations and maybe their boss didn’t evacuate and has discovered their browsing history mostly consists of craigslist and reddit. Wouldn’t know what that’s like. The rest of the people in those photos seem to be enjoying the afternoon off. I also like that the LA Times is reporting on the 5.9 quake the way Sports Illustrated would report on your kid’s soccer game this Saturday. “Pssh, amateurs.”

Libya! I can’t believe that I wrote about this conflict 6 months ago and only now, in August, is it coming to a conclusion. This is a little more newsworthy than an earthquake.

Anyhow, it looks like (this chapter) of the troubles and turmoils of Libya may be coming to an end. You see, just yesterday (or actually just a few hours ago since I’m writing this on Tuesday) Libyan rebels (although, are they really rebels anymore? I mean, they have NATO behind them now don’t they?) broke into Gaddafi’s compound and smashed his statues in Tripoli. Most people are saying that this basically the last thing before Gaddafi supporters just give up completely and a new regime is brought into Libya.  What with NATO dropping leaflets telling Gaddafi supporters to stand down and now Gaddafi’s compound toasted, it seems just about over.

What now though? Who the fuck knows. Mubarak was overthrown 6 months ago, and we still have no idea what the final fallout will be over in Egypt. I guess we’ll have to wait and see and see if people can pay attention with the new season of American Idol starting up in only 4 months time!

Finally, some gamer named Na’vi won $1 million for winning a tournament of a game that isn’t even out yet. That’s right, DOTA 2 (Dawn of the Ancients) is apparently only going to Beta in 3 weeks time but Valve is already having tournaments for it. Man, I don’t get this shit. I really hope Jorn starts posting on this site so he can start explaining the DOTAs and the LOLs of the world for the rest of us. A MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS FOR A VIDEOGAME.


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