With the billion dollar success of Marvel’s “The Avengers” this summer, we can expect to see a few more super hero movies getting made. Daredevil and The Fantastic Four are getting rebooted by Fox, and Warner Bros. are working on a Justice League film, but this leaves me with one burning question; where is my Power Man and Iron Fist movie?

Danny Rand, orphaned and raised by monks in the ancient hidden city of Kun Lun trains in kung fu and becomes the immortal Iron Fist. Luke Cage is experimented on while in prison, gifted with super strength and invulnerability, becomming Power Man. Together, they fight crime.

Blaxspoitation and Kung Fu, two products of the 70’s, met in the pages of Marvel comics and met with a medium amount of success. They hang on through bits of the 80’s and 90’s, but in the last decade or so, they’ve both come back in favour with the fans, and are starring in “The Avengers” comics. It would make so much sense for this to be adapted to the silver screen. More over, it would make so much sense to see it perfectly cast.

Power Man should be an no-brainer in casting Michael Jai White. He’s already been in a couple of comics-turned-movies, Playing Spawn in that awful film from the 90’s, and also as a gangland leader in “The Dark Knight”. (He was the one who mouthed off to Joker in the “magic pencil” scene.) But it’s his turn as Black Dynamite that sets him up as a lock for the role. Also, by the by, if you haven’t seen Black Dynamite, go see it now. Right now. I’ll wait.

Welcome back, friends. Now, do you see what I mean? Who better to chase down Doctor Doom for a two-hundred dollar debt and swear up a “sweet christmas” than this man? No one, I tell you. No one. But Power Man isn’t all jive-talk and steel tiaras. He was tapped by Captain America himself to lead a team of Avengers, has gone toe-to-toe with Tony Stark, Norman Osborn and even the Dread Dormammu, so he’s got some toughness. But he’s also married to Jessica Jones, and they have a young daughter together, so he has to balance family and heroics all the time.

Next up is Danny Rand. Born into wealth, Danny Rand had it all. Except parents.

Because they died.

His father took his wife and young son trekking through the Himalayan mountains in search of the mythical city of Kun Lun, but only Danny survived (barely) to reach the sanctuary of the ancient and mystical city. Orphaned, he was raised by the Kung Fu master Lei Kung, the Thunderer, and won the title of Immortal Weapon Iron Fist, Kung Fu Master.

So we got a millionaire zen kung fu master… Well, I’m saying that Ryan Gosling would fit right in as a foil for jive talking Michal Jai White. A little blase, a little bit “too cool for school”, we’ve seen Gosling pull this off in “Drive” already.

But what we haven’t seen him do is kick ass as a kung fu master, and I sort of want to see this happen. Gosling would add a bit of star power to the movie (not to mention draw in a few female fans), but I do think he’s got the chops to play a big time super hero.

Power Man and Iron Fist also operated as a group called “Heroes for Hire” for a good part of their runs in the Marvel Universe. It sort of works like this; sometimes an average person just needs a bit of super hero help, but it’s not like you can just walk up to the Baxter Building and chat with the Fantastic Four. So heroes for Hire exists. A small business, not unlike a private detective agency, is there to hire their services out to regular citizens. HFH had their own cast of characters, all awesome in their own right.

To round out the Heroes for Hire crew, I suggest the following:

Ziyi Zhang as Colleen Wing

After “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, Ziyi can kick some butt on screen. Colleen Wing is a cool character, too, and offers Ziyi a chance to play hero again on the silver screen. Colleen was a little all over the place in the Marvel Universe (She dated Cyclops for a little while, before he dropped her like a bad habit, the jerk.), but she always was at her best when she was palling around with Luke and Danny.

A little bit ninja, a little bit native New Yorker, Colleen can mix it up with the best of them, and be more than just a damsel in distress on the big screen.




Alicia Keys as Misty Knight

Alicia Keys was the best thing in “Smokin’ Aces”. A close second were her booty-shorts. But Keys did show she had a good mix of being a hard-case and human being in that flick, and I think she’s be a good Misty Knight, the hard boiled private investigator. Misty can be a little bit too close to the blaxsploitation side of the comics, but in recent years, she’s become a stronger, more rounded character.

She’s also been Iron Fist’s on again/off again love interest, which adds a bit of the romance to an otherwise chop-socky cast.



Donnie Yen as Davos, the Steel Phoenix

Man, I love Donnie Yen. He is not in enough movies. He showed up in “Iron Monkey”, which is awesome, and then popped up again in “Blade II”, where he was severely under used. Davos is a bad dude, but he’s also feeling like he is just in his quest for revence against Danny, so there needs to be a bit of sympathy in him. I think Donnie Yen is very emotionally expressive while being stoic. I think he’d be a great foe for the HFH crew, and I cannot stress enough how much I would like to see Donnie Yen in a big Hollywood action flick.





So yeah, Hollywood. Get up on this. Disney, have your people call my people and we’ll do lunch.