16649304_1328015227237388_1089382409669379984_nWhile I write this, I’m listening to King Tubby’s album “Dub Fever”. Why? Because Montreal’s own CRi mentioned that King Tubby was in inspiration to him and it had honestly been a long time since I had listened to dub music.

Which is not to say that Osheaga festival goers can expect dub when they see CRi perform, they are much more likely to experience his (along with Ouri) signature sun drenched synths and steady basslines that are sure to get anyone who’s ready to dance moving.

Earlier this year, CRi was unsure about what lay in store for the future. But these days he seems fully devoted to making new music. Here’s what he had to say as he gets ready to perform at this year’s Osheaga music festival:

Keith: Osheaga has become one of the biggest festivals of the year in Canada, and even North America and it’s hosted right here in Montreal. With so many fans coming in from out of town for the festival, how important is it you to represent Montreal, in Montreal on such an international stage?

Cri: I’m very glad to be part of this major event I’ll try to do my best to be a good Montreal representative. I can’t wait to play alongside artists that I admire. To be a part of this lineup is a great opportunity.

Keith: You’re going to be performing from 1:55 to 2:40 pm on Saturday of Osheaga, you can practically hear the sunshine in most of your tracks. Are you approaching your live set differently since the sun will be up instead of it being late at night at a club?

C: My sets are always different! (laughs) I’m just not able to do the same set twice. So yeah, in a way, for this particular set I’m going to play with Ouri and we are going to feel the vibe of the crowd and see what they are into.11717440_903733976332184_5331573833402978107_o

Keith: What kind of music inspired you to start making music? Your bio mentions you were influenced by Jamie xx, Caribou and Moderat, but are there any less well known inspirations you’d like to share?

C: When I was a kid I was a big fan of dub music and King Tubby is still a big inspiration for me. 

Keith: On your Facebook page a few months ago, you mentioned that you had begun to question your path during the process of creation ‘Someone Else’. Are you more sure of your path now? What’s next for you as CRi?

C: I’m still not sure of my path but I’ll find it one day! (laughs) New challenges will give me clues! Creating new music, developing a crazy A/V show and collaborating with new artists are my three goal as CRi this year.

CRi (w/Ouri) will be performing at Scène de l’Île Bacardi Sat, August 5, 1:55 PM > 2:40 PM at Osheaga. Tickets and info HERE.

Check out the music video for “Rush” (ft Ouri) here:

All photos from CRi’s official Facebook page.

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