Man, I’ve got so much to do lately I nearly forgot about this. Not just writing my thoughts on this month’s Loot Crate, I damn near forgot I even got a Loot Crate. I opened it up, was like “cool” then put it all back in the box and promptly forgot about it. But we’re here, it’s still Tuesday, I’m writing this as I edit this week’s Go Plug Yourself and after that I will take pictures of the stuff that I’m talking about.LootMagic1 This month’s them is MAGICAL or something. Maybe it’s “MAGIKAL” since the old magic is spelt with a K. It makes a lot of sense as a theme since we’ve got Dr. Strange and a new entry into the Potterverse all over our November. All over it. This month is another “less of more” Loot Crate which I don’t have a problem with. I mean, except for the t-shirt a month thing but we ge go over that every month. That’s too many t-shirts, man.LootMagic2 Dr. Strange Q-Fig Hey, do you remember in 2015 when everyone subscribed to Loot Crate was complaining about how many Funko-Pop viny figurines we were getting and then they released the Batman Q-Fig and everyone was like “dammmmnnnn… what is this soooo cooooll?” and then Loot Crate was like “we hear you loud and clear community.” Well, now it’s November 2016 and this is the 4th Q-Fig of the year (Deadpool, Harley, Hulk and now Dr. Strange). I do love these guys, and the little stands/action going on around them is top notch. But we who like to have our figurines on display are plagued by a similar problem as when we were swarmed with Funko figs: they are all the same height and are weirdly cutesy. They’re still little chibi versions of the characters. Why can’t we have real figurines Loot Crate? Why? Anyhow, Dr. Strange is cool. Happiness: ♥ ♥ ♥LootMagic3 The Night is Dark and Full Of Terrors Game of Thrones Notebook Here’s a slightly embarrassing story about this item and myself. I opened up my Loot Crate while playing video games with my friend over and said “Oh damn, the Night’s Watch oath” and my wife, from across the room yelled “That’s the Lord of Light’s thing.” I have never been so ashamed. This thing is super cool though. Leather(ish?) binding, dark red gilt edges (I swear I didn’t have to look that word up), bookmark, the whole thing is high quality. I’m no stranger to notebooks and this thing would go for $20-30 in stores easily. Possibly more given the GoT branding. The only thing that stops this item from being a full 5 hearts is the fact that the blank type of each page is that of a “memo” like, there’s a little day of the week box to check or something and it says “Memo No.” at the top and stuff. It’s nitpicking, but I would have much preferred either plain lined paper or even better, blank pages with no lines to use this for a sketchbook. Happiness: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥LootMagic4 Elder Scrolls Loot Pin I haven’t played Elder Scrolls so this actual pin means very little to me. I guess this little triple-drago Ouroboros is important to the lore or is some symbol of something? This is what happens when you’ve got an item from an IP that I don’t know: confusion. It’s a high quality pin that I’m sure I will give to someone who plays Elder Scrolls. The “bonus” loot from the pin is a little weaksauce too. It unlocks extra content for Elder Scrolls. So, if you don’t play Elder Scrolls, it’s useless. Or, if you play it on anything other than PC/Mac, it is also useless. Feh. 2 points since it’s well made and looks nice. Happiness: ♥ ♥LootMagic5 Big Trouble in Little China and Escape from New York Crossover I’m not going to lie. I saw this lying at the bottom of the box and audibly yelled “holy shit if this is any good I am buying the whole series.” A Jack Burton/Snake Pliskin crossover is not even a thing that I knew that I wanted, since it would just be too weird to ever bring to the screen, but here, in comic book form it can come to life! I’ve only read the first few pages and sadly, it appears to be, so-so. But I like the concept enough to see it through, which is saying something. I also have to give bonus points (as always) to when Loot Crate strays away from the easy targets of fandom. Marvel, Game of Thrones, Harry Porter and Elder Scrolls are pretty safe bets, throwing in a crossover from a pair of John Carpenter films is a nice gesture, even if it doesn’t fully land. This is a lot like Eleanor in the SPEED crate, points for effort. Happiness: ♥ ♥ ♥LootMagic6 Obliviator T-Shirt Full disclosure, I saw what this month’s theme was and what properties were going to be represented and I chose to get a larger sized t-shirt since none of them really appealed to me and I figured it would make a good gift. I do not regret that choice. I’m not the biggest Potter fan, so I’d have a hard time justifying wearing this on the regular, but still, it’s a nice shirt and has the added benefit of not just straight up saying “Harry Potter” on the front. Also, hats off to Loot Crate for having hyper-topical t-shirts two months in a row. I was wearing last month’s Negan shirt last month and someone came up to me and said “Keith, what the hell, that just happened last week, the wound is still fresh and you’re already wearing a t-shirt mocking my pain.” Or something along those lines. It was great. Anyhow, I’m to understand that Obliviators are series business in the 1920s magical world of America in the latest entry to the Potterverse “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them” so once again, highly topical and if you ARE into Harry Potter you can be wearing a t-shirt that represents the film that everyone just saw like a hyper cool-kid. Happiness: ♥ ♥ ♥LootCrate7 Overall: This was not a bad crate, most of the mediocre scores here come from the fact that other than Game of Thrones I don’t count myself as a hardcore fan of anything that’s in this crate. Your mileage my vary I guess if you’re super into Magical things. Next month’s theme is REVOLUTION and judging from the fact that LC has only shared 3 properties (Assassin’s Creed, Mr Robot and Firefly) I feel it will be another “fewer, better loots” Crate. I’m really hoping the t-shirt is either Firefly or Mr Robot related. Because there’s no way I can wear an Assassin’s Creed shirt around. Just not happening. 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