2017 Know More than You 2


Welcome to “Know More Than You”, where Jason and I will be discovering what truly is the greatest cartoon from Saturday mornings and after school afternoons past.

This will be a herculean undertaking, and after much research, we have narrowed down the candidates to a mere 96 contenders. We will be relying on our experience and expertise in order to discuss and dissect the animated aspirants, and as true aficionados, we are prepared to discover, once and for all, what the greatest ‘toon is.

Let us take a look at group one; “Heroes and Spies”.

group 1 start

You can see that we’ve seeded the shows, and some of the top contenders have received byes into the second round.

“Batman: The Animated Series” has to be considered a top contender, but I wouldn’t count out an upstart like “Young Justice” or a classic like “GI Joe A Real American Hero” either.

As we break the head-to-head battles down, we’ll try to find some online videos for each battle so you can watch along with us, here on Know More Than You!