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The Savage Dragon vs. WildC.A.T.s

savdrag v wcats

Ok, so WildC.A.T.s is pure 90’s. Jim Lee is the guy who added more pockets and muscles to comics.

Fracking aliens man, one-liners galore “We’re not zeroes, we’re heroes.” Yep right there in the theme song.

A basic plot; 2 alien races fighting over the earth and their tasty, tasty people. Uh… I mean resources. Cool and distinctive characters battle it out with lasers and swords. There are only 13 episodes and much was changed from the gritty source material comics. This was an action cartoon plain and simple. The plot wasn’t too thick, “crisis of the week” with a bit of overall meta-plot slowly creeping in there.

The animation isn’t bad and the plot does drive all the way to the end. The dialogue is stuck in its time and catering to kids who like snappy one liners as comedy. This wouldn’t be a problem except every single character does it. The grunge era-angst rolls off this one like grease off a goth in 1994.


Jim Lee’s WildC.A.T.s is a very 90’s cartoon based off a very 90’s comic book.

It’s very violent. Everyone on the show is angry and antagonistic. Everyone wants to be tough. Everyone is the best there is at what they do, and none of it is very nice.

Counter to that, however, the animation is surprisingly decent. The action is fun and the plot is structured well enough. It looks okay, it sounds okay.

I am at a loss on how to judge a show that is pretty much fine, but for the fact I dislike every single character on it.

However, that brings me to Savage Dragon, which I really thought I’d like, and would have predicted an easy win in the first round. I prefer the source material, I have a good nostalgia for the character, and I had foggy good memories about the cartoon.

The Savage Dragon Cartoon is bad.

It shocked me. The animation was choppy the characters were inconsistently drawn. The voice acting was sub-par. The writing was completely confused, trying to adapt the mature themes from the comic book into a G-rated cartoon and failing to come up with anything that was either interesting or amusing.

All of that aside, the great sin that this cartoon commits is they make Dragon uncool. He’s supposed to be a mix of Hulk and Wolverine, but instead, he’s just a cheap copy of the Big Boss Man. He’s stuffy, he’s bluster without menace, he’s a stick in the mud.

It’s a real let down.

I really thought this one was going to be more of a fight. Originally I had these two scored the same, neck and neck. Then Scott re-watched some episodes and then I re-watched some episodes and, wow. I have to reexamine this something fierce.

This was a much better cartoon when I was a kid. It is on par with Captain Planet, except without the depth. Really the animation is terrible, the writing is much worse than the catchphrase-laden WildC.A.T.s. It’s a real piss-off that a comic with such rich content got dumbed down and turned into this toy selling schlock.

So the writing is terrible again due to the dumbing down factor, and not embracing the over top madness that is Savage Dragon. Despite having some heavy weights on the voice cast (Tony Jay as overlord and even Mark Hamill there too), the execution leaves a lot to be desired. When voicing a cartoon the challenge is to make it sound like these drawings are talking to one another. When you’re acting on stage or even in a movie you’ve got someone at least reading the other side of the conversation at you so you can react and listen. But it’s extra hard when all anyone has is your voice to go off of. Dragon has canned voices, mass-produced garbage and made more offensive by how good the original stuff is.

I re-scored this one below Captain Planet. The only thing I have lower than this are those cartoons from the 60’s and 70’s that are just barely animation.

So this is a pretty clear cut winner. WildC.A.T.s moves on, and the less I have to think about that Savage Dragon cartoon, the better.

Jason’s Scores:


Animation: 3
Writing: 4
Voices: 3
Story: 3
Fun: 3
Nostalgia: 3
Innovation: 2


Savage Dragon

Animation: 2
Writing: 2
Voices: 2
Story: 2
Fun: 3
Nostalgia: 2
Innovation: 2


group 1 5

WildCATs moves on, but next, we pit “Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends” against “Teen Titans GO!” in a battle of old vs. new!