Beer: Osmium, Wee Heavy

Brewer: Beau`s

Scotch Ale, 7%

Bought it because I tried this brewery like 8 years ago or so, when they were still fairly small, and I really disliked it. Evidently they have grown and I think it`s time I get over it and give them another try.


I forgot to take a fancy photo of the bottle in the shop, so you get a close up of Jake from my mural at home.

Okay so, I figured scotch ale would be a safe re-introduction to Beau`s. I tend to like them, so let`s see what they got.

It poured out with hardly any head at all. It had a creamy light beige colour that dissipated quickly. The beer itself is a very deep amber orange, very pretty colour.

I normally expect scotch ales or heavily flavoured ales to be very fragrant, but this one seems subtle. What I can smell is lightly sweet, so I still don`t know what to expect.

Oh that`s interesting. Unlike most scotch ales, this one will not give you cavities. It`s got a toasted/roasted something note. Don`t ask me what, I can`t tell. Very malty, which I like now and then. Goodness me I think I like it. It`s not as sweet as I expected, I swear I`ve had some that was essentially like sucking molasses. Ooooh I think Beau’s may be redeemed in my heart!

Well ok. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Maybe I’ll try another one next week and see.

I like it! Nice and mild scotch ale that is rich in flavour. I dunno what I’d have with this though. Maybe a biscotti?

7%, so not too strong, but nothing to scoff at. A bit pricier than their other beers, but still ok for what you get.


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