Beer: O’Born Evil

Brewer: Le Trèfle Noir

Scotch Ale, 8.7%

Bought it because, well, I do love my Scotch Ales, and I love this brewery, so how could I not. I was gonna do only Christmas beers for December, but… I am a slave to my heart.



This is a beautiful near-opaque rusty brown. Tiny bit of beige foam poured out on top of it and dissipated almost entirely after a few minutes.

This smells different for a Scotch Ale. I normally expect them to immediately release this bouquet of thick sweet honey, but this is more subtle. And a tiny bit fruity.

Ah okay, the label says plum and candied fruits hahah there you go. Also mentions malt and toffee. Let`s have a taste then.

Holy shit that is nice. This has a nice thick bitterness I associate with a stout almost, swirled together with the Scotch sweetness. The bitterness lingers in the aftertaste, so you`re not overwhelmed with only sweet notes. Interesting mix. Now I wish I had some nice aged cheddar to nibble on while I drink this hahaha! Definitely a sipping beer though.

It`s got quite a kick, as most Wee Heavy ales do, sitting at 8.7%.

I Love it! Much like a Scotsman, it is sweet but deep down all dark and bitter 😀


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