9to5 (dot cc) is proud to present the very first episode of our other ongoing podcast: Go Plug Yourself. My good pal Walter and I (remember his name is Walter, be wary of possible treachery) will try to get a hold of local Montreal talent and get them in the room with us for a chat. Walter is a local comedian, so we figured we’d get him plugging himself out of the way first. On that note, you can see Walter, among others (including future guests of the podcast in all likelihood), perform live, this Thursday (September 29th) at the Wheel Club in NDG. The Big Bad Belly Laugh Bonanza – with Andrew Searles and Mike Paterson.In this episode Walter tries his hand at composing a theme song for the podcast (in the end we chose “frankritt” by the incomparable BCASA. We also talk about strange gifts from Lance Henriksen to Akira Kurosawa,  John Carpenter’s “They Live” and finally make our way into how Walter got involved in comedy.

A few technical notes, we lose my feed for a couple of minutes, instead of scrapping the conversation completely I kept it since Walt’s mic picked up most of what I was saying, it’s only like 4-5 minutes I think. A slight echo also develops in the last 5-10 minutes, we’re new to this podcasting thing so we’re still working out a few kinks. Bear with us.


Tune in next week as we return (hopefully) with a new episode of 9ES! Oh yeah, hey! Follow us on iTunes (that’s what you do with podcasts on iTunes right?)! Is that something you can do? I don’t fucking know man, I don’t know anything about iTunes. But hey, we’re on it. Take that.

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