The authour of Mad Dogs, Midgets and Screwjobs Pat Laprade joins Walter and I for another packed full o’ rasslin’ episode of Go Plug Yourself. Pat’s book is a detailed history of Montreal’s unique pro-wrestling history and if this episode is any indication it is pretty goddamned interesting. Pat walks us through a few little tidbits of his book including stories about Louis Cyr, Killer Kowalski, El Generico and of course the Montreal Screwjob. You should listen to this one even if you’re not a pro-wrestling fan, Sarah sat in on the recording and was enraptured by Pat’s stories and you should be too. Also, if you hear the distinct sounds of another podcast being recorded in the background and want to know exactly what those guys were talking about you should check out our friend Mo over at Laughmatic who was also recording an episode at the back of Grumpy’s. This paves the way nicely for an invasion storyline into their podcast.

If you want to buy Pat’s book I cannot stress enough that you should follow THIS LINK (since we’ll actually get a commission from the sale!) or you can buy it through some other outlet. First printing is just about sold out by the way, so buy it now.

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