If you’re not aware: this is Darren Henwood week. Today, you can listen to him record our most offensive podcast to date right here on 9to5 (dot cc). Thursday, November 17th you can see him as part of the Liar Liar show and Friday, November 18th you can go to his basement and witness the awe and power of his ongoing comedy show “Low Down Comedy.” Yeah, you should probably click all of these links if you know what’s good for you. Go to the shows too.

Darren Henwood joined us despite his slight inebriation. For that we’re thankful, since two other comedians bailed on us the day of the recording. One of those comedians (not going to name names, wait, yes I will: Chris Betts) was physically in the bar while we recorded. He just didn’t feel like talking to us. Fair warning, any sort of censorship we’ve displayed in the past is unheard of in this episode. We discuss:

  • Canadians lack of cultural identity
  • The sexual orientation of my mom
  • The “stroke cancer” that killed my grandfather
  • Something slightly racist about Chinese swimmers
  • Oh yeah, motherfucking Hollywood shows up and sings us a song

Special guest stars who you may or may not hear off microphone included Mista McStevie, Chris Betts and Shawn Hogan.

This is probably the most fun I’ve had in a bar with my pants on.