Is Lawrence Corber a host or a guest on this episode? It’s not clear. Does it matter? It’s Just for Laughs baby!

If you’ve been following the podcast in the last week or so you know we’ve had a few interviews with a couple of great out of town guests. However, at its heart, Go Plug Yourself is a show about Montrealers so it was only right that we brought in the Grand Daddy of Go Plug Yourself himself Walter J. Lyng along with Vance Michel and co-host Lawrence Corber to talk about some of the amazing local comedy going on this summer in Montreal.

Walter (along with Lawrence, Morgan O’Shea, Reese Turner and Derek Seguin) are bringing back Rad Dads once again this year to Café Cleopatra for Rad Dads Forever and Vance Michel will be a part of Harrison and Gab’s Video Comedy Night. Lawrence and Walter will both be appearing at  Figure It Out with Mike Carrozza and Lawrence will also be featured on the Discovery Series. Walter and Lawrence will also both be recording sets for an upcoming JFL Originals album.

*deep breath.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL – Walter and Vance are also hosting The World’s Smallest Comedy Festival that’s already under way until July 29th at Hurley’s Irish Pub. 12 nights of amazing local comedy because you can’t get enough of that sweet sweet laughter.

Credit Where Credit is Due

As always, a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Leighland Beckman and Aural Turpitude!

Keith does all sorts of things here on, he works with the other founders on 9to5 (illustrated), co-hosts our two podcasts: The 9to5 Entertainment System and Go Plug Yourself and sometimes blogs here as The Perspicacious Geek.

Lawrence Corber also produces some shows you may have heard of (you should probably check out the next Healthy Living show when you get a chance) and if you’re close with him you can call him Lully. The other way to call him “Lully” is to follow him on his socials. @Lully514 on Instagram.

Walter J. Lyng is a stand-up comedian based out of Montreal, you should follow him on Twitter @wallygoodtimes and on Facebook: Walter J. Lyng