It’s me! It’s me! It’s D-D-P!

The best part about that joke is that Danny himself doesn’t get it. Seriously, it means nothing to him. I’m not gonna explain it you, I’m not gonna hold your hand so stop asking. Ok, just who is Danny Payne? Well, in addition to be a generally awesome person (sadly fans, that’s not enough to get on the show) and an amazing PR dude (that’s Public Relations, read a book) he also exposes people to unsigned indie bands from the UK on a regular basis in multiple locations in the city, including the radio, since that’s a location. All his info after the jump below the podcast. Listen now, it’s good fun, he has a great British accent too, which means this episode is for the ladies.

So, now that you’re in love with Danny, how can you see and hear more of him?

You’ve got a bunch of options:

Follow him on Twitter @mrdannypayne if you wanna stay up to date.
Check out the Facebook Page for his banging club nights (just kidding, it’s mostly indie rock): Under the Radar. Underground and Underplayed and Over ‘Ere and listen to him there.
Listen to some sweet sweet tunes on his Soundcloud Page.
Check him out on CJLO for his show Commonwealth Conundrum (you can even listen on your computer) and follow that same show on Facebook.

Can I say again that I’m having a great time here?