See that in the episode image down there? That’s art sir. This week on Go Plug Plug Yourself we get real classy as we’re joined by two local artists: Anita Kot and Maery Morrison. If you’re the type that is going to pass this one by just on the basis of the fact that we’re talking to artists, well, quite frankly I feel sorry for you. The fact that we talk about our “Celebrity Fuck Lists” should reassure you though, we’re not about to get that classy.

Also, since we know our audience we do try to keep things a little geeky, just for you. We talk movies, comic books, sci-fi, you know, our bread and butter. Also, Walter cannot seem to wrap his head around the fact that Anita paints on boxes. Or rather, box-shaped canvases. Or how big they are.

She said it was a good size!

If you are interested in the fine art of these fine ladies (that sounds a little sleazy) you can check them out at their vernissage:

Or if you can’t make it in person, there’s a number of ways to see their stuff:

Maery’s Official Page or Facebook page.

Anita’s Official Page or Facebook page.

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